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What is Gooutdoor?

Gooutdoor is the web portal where you can find and book Outdoor Experiences organized and guided by professionals in Trentino.

Whom is Gooutdoor suitable for?

For all those who wish to live an authentic Outdoor Experience in Trentino, guided by real professionals.

Who are the Trentino ProGuides?

The Trentino ProGuides are Alpine guides,  Mid-mountain guides, Paragliding, Sailing and Diving instructors, Equestrian assistants, MTB Guides etc. who know how to make your holiday in Trentino unforgettable.

How does Gooutdoor work?

On the web portal you can find the best Outdoor Experiences offered in Trentino by professional guides (canoeing, via ferratas, MTB tours, scuba diving, etc). You can freely view all proposals, use the search filters to quickly find the experience that best suits you, see the ProGuide profile and book directly online!

What is a Private Experience? And a Social Experience?

There are two kinds of activities on offer: a Social Experience, allowing you to share an Outdoor Experience with other people and therefore benefit from a more convenient price. By choosing a Private Experience you will have a ProGuide at your and your friends’ disposal for the whole duration of the Outdoor Experience.


How to book a Gooutdoor Experience

It is very easy! Send your booking request by filling out the mandatory fields in the specific section of the relevant event card, and perform payment as requested. You will soon receive a confirmation email.

Can I contact the ProGuide before booking?

Sure! You can contact the ProGuide for any doubt or clarification. Within each event card we have made available a simple and intuitive messaging system that you can use to communicate with our ProGuides.

What do I have to do If I don’t receive the confirmation email? 

Contact us immediately at booking@gooutdoor.it. We’ll solve the problem as soon as possible.

How do I reach the meeting point?

The meeting point is specified in the Event Card, where you will also find the relevant Google Maps link. If necessary, contact the ProGuide for more info.

What happens in case of bad weather?

The weather is unpredictable. Should the weather conditions make the event impracticable, our ProGuide will propose you an alternative date or a change in content of the same experience or another Outdoor Experience. Otherwise you may ask for a total refund of the amount you paid.


Can I cancel my booking?

You can always cancel your booking by sending an email to booking@goooutdoor.it with the booking details. You will receive a reply email confirming the cancellation and stating the details of your refund.

In detail:

– Booking cancelled more than 10 days before the date scheduled for your activity: 100% refund

– Booking cancelled between 3 to 10 days before the date scheduled for your activity: 50% refund

– Booking cancelled before 0 and 3 days before the date scheduled for your activity: no refund

What happens if the ProGuide cancels the experience?

You will be notified by mail, and you will receive in a short time the refund of the amount paid.


How do reviews work?

You can post a review only after the outdoor activity is completed.


How does the payment work?

To complete your booking, you will be asked to pay the total amount of the Outdoor Experience as indicated in the Event Card. Payment can be made through PayPal, or the main credit cards.